Labour Pension for Loss of Breadwinner (Survivor’s Pension)

The following family members if they were depnedants of a deceased person, have the right to a survivor’s pension:

1.1. Children of a deceased person:

1.1.1. Not older than 18 years;

1.1.2. Disabled people over the age of 18, whose health limitations were determined before 18 years of age;

1.1.3. Those studied in educational institutions, but not more than 23 years old;

1.2. If a parent, mother, husband or wife has reached the age of retirement in accordance with Article 7 of the Law on Labour Pensions, or if has I or II group of disability, survivor’s pension shall be defined;

1.3. regardless of age and work capability, one parent or husband (wife) or grandfather, grandmother, brother, or sister who take care for dependant child under age of 8 of deceased person.

Documents required for determining survivor’s pension:

  • Copy of identity card or national passport;
  • Documents confirming the general employment (social insurance) internship;
  • Copy of the death certificate of the deceased person (or a copy of the court decision on his / her absence or death);
  • Copy of birth certificates of family members entitled to retirement;
  • Copy of identity card of a person who take care for a child under age of 8 of a deceased parent (father, grandmother, brother, sister, guardian);
  • The reference of study in higher education institution for children of the deceased person over 18 years of age (before graduating from formal education but not older than 23).
  • The decision of the medical and social expert commission on the disability group or health conditions limitation of persons under 18 years
  • According to Article 19 of the Labour Pensions Law, the documents allowing the addition of the insurance part of the labour pension shall be added;
  • The document confirming the death, the reason and the date of the death of a military officer, and the missing soldier from the state service agencies and other relevant government agencies for military service, mobilization and military service (if the labour pension is entitled under Article 17.2 of the Law).