Families of martyrs and people with war-related disabilities will be provided with at least 1,500 apartments or private houses this year.

The next board meeting was held at the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.

At the next board meeting held at the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, it was emphasized that the housing program for the families of martyrs and persons with war-related disabilities has been successfully continued this year.

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Sahil Babayev said that according to the order of President Ilham Aliyev, large-scale social support measures are being implemented for families of martyrs and persons with war-related disabilities, and the scope of these measures is expanding with new projects.

It was noted that after the Patriotic War, which ended with our victory, the housing program for those people was expanded five times. 4,500 apartments and private houses were provided to them in the post-war period, 1,500 last year, and more than 13,000 apartments and private houses in the last period. According to the instructions of Mr. President, at least 1,500 apartments and private houses will be provided to families of martyrs and people with war-related disabilities this year. In the next few days, those apartments and private houses will be given away.

More than 1,662 apartments sold online by the Ministry through the ms.sosial.gov.az portal have been sold to those who booked them first. Currently, the booking of apartments on the portal and the sale of apartments to those who have booked are ongoing. The proceeds from this sale will be used to provide housing for the families of martyrs and people with war-related disabilities in the regions.

It was brought to attention that the Ministry's Social Services Agency provided 6.6 thousand people with mobile social-household services and 400 people with social-legal services in the last year.

It was noted that rehabilitation-oriented social services were provided to 3,000 people last year, and to more than 2,300 people this year, as well as to 4,000 children under the institution's projects, and to 120 elderly people. It was emphasized that 3 more daycare centers were opened for vulnerable groups last year and this year, and the network of daycare centers will be further expanded in the coming period.

It was reported that 242 children were adopted in 2022 and in the previous period of this year, and it is planned to start using the foster family model in the current year.

The work carried out by the Social Support Center under the Ministry, the reintegration measures carried out in relation to families who placed their children in state children's institutions were brought to attention. Personal development of graduates of state children's institutions, provision of socio-psychological support needed by members of martyrs' families, children from vulnerable groups, etc. the Center's projects related to

Preparation of drafts of new normative legal acts for the realization of reforms in the social sphere, strengthening of the social protection system, and improvement of the normative legal framework in relevant fields were brought to attention. It was reported that the ministry prepared 526 more draft legal acts in 2022, 109 this year, and nearly 2 thousand normative legal acts in 2018-2023.

The analysis and research work of the National Observatory on Labor Market and Social Protection Issues under the Ministry, the establishment of an e-system for training management, and the improvement of the activity of the Observatory as a specialized training center were brought to attention.

Social protection of vulnerable population groups and coverage of social services, work done by the National Observatory, work done in the fields of adoption, international and public relations and other areas and tasks ahead were discussed at the meeting.

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