An online survey is conducted to assess the level of gender equality in the social sphere

In accordance with the "Action Plan for actions to be implemented in the direction of awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals", the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population is conducting an online survey among the public on the topic of "Gender Equality".

 The first survey is dedicated to assessing the level of ensuring gender equality in the social sphere.

 The purpose of the survey is to observe whether gender equality is protected in our country in relation to employment, salary, employee performance evaluation, and career advancement, and to take appropriate measures to develop the perspective of gender equality based on the results to be obtained.

 The result of the survey will contribute to the evaluation of the current situation regarding the empowerment of women and men in this field in our country and to eliminate the problems that have arisen.

 The online survey will continue from today till October 30.

 The survey is conducted anonymously, the person who wants to take part in the evaluation is not required to indicate the name, surname, patronymic and contact numbers.  However, in accordance with the purposes of the survey and for the purpose of determining the trend, the participant should record gender, age and other demographic indicators.

 When answering the questions in the online survey, you are asked to be honest and based on personal experience.

 The result will be announced publicly.

 To participate in the online survey on the topic "Assessment of the level of gender equality in the social sphere", you need to access the following link: