The identified limit for utility and communication costs of the family who apply for targeted assistance will be increased

According to the instruction of President Ilham Aliyev, appropriate work will be done for expanding the scope of the targeted state social assistance program in the current year.

Increasing the access of the social assistance system for low-income families is one of the important issues for expansion of the program.

In this regard, draft amendments have been made in the Law on State Social Assistance and the Rules for applying, assigning, granting and refusing to receive social sssistance.

Thus, under the current legislation, the e-system automatically refuses to provide targeted social assistance when the average monthly amount of utility and communication costs per family member exceeds 10% of the approved living wage in the country. The new projects include increasing the threshold.

At the same time, refusal to cancel or suspend payment for assistance due to changes in family structure and not being informed of the projects does not exclude family loans as income and does not interfere with the family's right to social assistance and so on. is reflected. It is also planned to reduce the number of data required to be registered at the time of application for emergency assistance and to obtain relevant information from the relevant agencies' electronic databases.

Note that, the number of families receiving targeted social assistance in 2019 reached to 72 thousand from 40 thousand. Last year additional 7 thousand families entered in the social assistance program as a result of relevant works to mitigate eligibility criteria (the terms of the land share ownership as well) for assistance.

In total, this year increasing the number of families receiving targeted social assistance to 85-90 thousand is targeted.