Social work - is one of the significant areas in the provision of vulnerable groups with social services

In the 80s of the last century, every year the third Tuesday of March was declared as World Social Work Day by the International Federation of Social Workers. Later, a number of international organizations also joined this initiative.

Today, social work is one of the significant areas in the provision of vulnerable groups with social services aimed state support in solving problems that complicated their socio-psychological situation, their lives and their inability to work alone in Azerbaijan.

At present, a part of people who work in social services system of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population is social workers. They operate in direction of assessing and identifying the needs of people from relevant categories (lonely elderly and people with disabilities, children with limited health or children who are in socially dangerous condition, victims of domestic violence and etc) for social services, organizing of services in this area for those people.

Social workers identify form, type of social service, the place of provision of social services and etc. Then, on the basis of their individual plans social services are rendered to people who in difficult life situations by the social workers.

More than 1,100 people live with permanent state support at 15 social service enterprises of the State Social Protection Fund under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population. Also, up to 10 thousand elderly and disabled people living alone and without the ability to self-sufficiency are provided with social services. Meanwhile, more than 8 thousand people are covered by rehabilitation social services last year on projects implemented by social orders of the Ministry.

The social work environment is developing in Azerbaijan day by day, a number of higher education institutions are currently training social work professionals.

The creation and implementation of new social service models based on the experience of advanced countries, development of human resources in the field of social services, formation of qualified and professional social workers and etc are noted in “National Strategy for the Development of Social Service in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2020-2026” project.

All this will provide taking important steps in direction of the improvement of social work institute and practical activities in this area in our country.